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2014-04-01 01:03 pm
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 My work played a fantastic april fools joke on me - and bounced my motherfucking paycheck. I notice this as I was heading out the door to spend hundreds of dollars on car maintenance. And I have $17 in my account. Are you shitting me?


I guess this will make a fun first VEDA vlog!

[It all seems to have worked out in the end. After several frantic phone calls/texts, I finally got hold of someone who knows what happened - people up high made an oopsie and didn't give permission for the payroll to come out on time or something, and almost everyone's checks bounced as a result. Beautiful. I'm going up there in about 45 minutes with a record of the money taken out of my account [including fees] and they are supposed to be paying me back. Hopefully immediately.]